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when woman or gay men require men to take off their pants in a public place such as a bar, nightclub, preschool, or retirement homes and swing their penises in a counter clockwise formation. While walking in a circle around the women so they can get a good look at the options! (Its rude to do it clockwise.) This is so woman can get a look at what they are taking home and make their final decision.
Kelly-Hey look Tracy has John and Marcus doing the Penispolooza
Ambrey-One of them is getting lucky tonight!
Kenzy-Oh shit, poor John, apparently Marcus has a bigger dick.
Anni-That sucks... Oh look there are some hot guys lets make them do the Penispolooza
Courtnee-I claim that one!
(A little later)
Anni- HAHAH Courty he has the smallest dick!!
by gonnaherpasphylaids January 07, 2011

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