A ice cream or popsicle in a round container with a plastic bottom you push up to get more in your mouth. Often used as practice for blow-jobs.
Person 1: Have you ever given a blow job before?

Person 2: No, I'm so nervous. I want to give Steven one.

Person 1: Try it out on a penis pop.
by Emla Alme May 18, 2009
when you get hit on/or fall on your penis resulting in a very painful reaction and some funny looks
dude today in lunch i got a penis pop
by spying cow October 18, 2006
When you pop a vein in your dick.
Some Guy: "My penis had a stroke! Call my friends! Call CNN! Call 911! Let the whole world know that my penis had a stroke!"

Some other guy: "I popped my penis hemeroid! Give me raise!"
by I went numba 3 on yo mom August 10, 2005

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