An attempted humorous pluralization of the word "penis". As with other words from Latin that end with "is", such as "crisis" and "neurosis", "penis" changes the "is" to "es", forming "penes", as "crisis" changes to "crises" and "neurosis" to "neuroses". Only urologists and a handful of other professionals use the word "penes", however, so it is best to stick to the English plural, "pensises".
Duh, where'd all the vaginae and peni go?
by atemperman January 24, 2004
a soldier's "big gun" that shoots a white bullet into the mothership's black hole.
Jamal was squeemish to hear that his penis had won the war.
by Sir-sex-a-lot December 12, 2003
The penis is the male reproduction organ and the reason I believe there is a God. The penis is a remarkable peice of workmanship. Completely thought out - for example, look at the is shaped for easy entry, soft to cushion the blow - it even has a "seam" on the underside to avoid suction. Perfect.
"I simply could not live without a penis..oops,I mean a man"
by v-rae October 05, 2006
otherwise known as the male brain
Can't solve a problem? USE YOUR PENIS!
by lolz4lyfe December 05, 2006
-Anything that is strange and mysterious
-A comeback to almost any insult
-Word used to break the silence
The hell is that?!...its kinda like a...penis!

Oh yeah!?.....You have a small penis!

by Shirdoo May 05, 2005
what guys use to get satisfaction.
"Mike, i was with my g/f lastnight and she sucked me off so good!"
"Thats great,rob, remember i was there though?"
"AHH! what he hell where you doing there?"
"I was with your g/f too"
by Hugh G. Rection August 22, 2003
A game people in middle school play.

How To Play:
One Person says "Penis".
The next person has to say it louder.
It keeps going until someone gets it trouble.

It was fun... back in middle school, lol.
Greg: Penis
Zack: Penis!
Greg: Penis!!
Zack: PENIS!!!
Teacher: Silent Lunch!
Zack: Crap.
Greg: Aha! I win!
by some dude... September 24, 2004

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