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a soldier's "big gun" that shoots a white bullet into the mothership's black hole.
Jamal was squeemish to hear that his penis had won the war.
by Sir-sex-a-lot December 12, 2003
503 337
otherwise known as the male brain
Can't solve a problem? USE YOUR PENIS!
by lolz4lyfe December 05, 2006
285 158
The penis is the male reproduction organ and the reason I believe there is a God. The penis is a remarkable peice of workmanship. Completely thought out - for example, look at the head..it is shaped for easy entry, soft to cushion the blow - it even has a "seam" on the underside to avoid suction. Perfect.
"I simply could not live without a penis..oops,I mean a man"
by v-rae October 05, 2006
325 206
-Anything that is strange and mysterious
-A comeback to almost any insult
-Word used to break the silence
The hell is that?!...its kinda like a...penis!

Oh yeah!?.....You have a small penis!

by Shirdoo May 05, 2005
424 306
what guys use to get satisfaction.
"Mike, i was with my g/f lastnight and she sucked me off so good!"
"Thats great,rob, remember i was there though?"
"AHH! what he hell where you doing there?"
"I was with your g/f too"
by Hugh G. Rection August 22, 2003
317 209
Shlong, Wang, Dick, Jimmy, Mayonaise launcher, purple-headed yogurt slinger, purple-helmeted warrior, hanging johnny, ankle spanker, Pedro, Cock, love rod, pleasure stick, vaginal submarine, pocket rocket, pussy drill
My friend Garrett lacks a penis.
by Bob Dole September 08, 2003
281 180
A game people in middle school play.

How To Play:
One Person says "Penis".
The next person has to say it louder.
It keeps going until someone gets it trouble.

It was fun... back in middle school, lol.
Greg: Penis
Zack: Penis!
Greg: Penis!!
Zack: PENIS!!!
Teacher: Silent Lunch!
Zack: Crap.
Greg: Aha! I win!
by some dude... September 24, 2004
158 63