A game played by bored 13 + 14 year old girls that like to annoy the people around them. the first quietly whispers the word penis, the next a bit louder and the next a bit louder until someone chickens out because they dont want to go any louder. the person to scream or say penis the loudest wins.
1st: penis
2nd: Penis
3rd: PEnis
4th: PENis
1st: i cant do it
2nd: PENIs
3rd: omgsh.. we're gonna get in trouble
4th: PENIS
2nd: PENIS!
4th: screw it.
by ChRiStY April 19, 2005
Something most men wish were bigger.
Oh boy, an ad that says it can increase the size of my penis!!
by Colony September 20, 2003
1.The thing that makes or breaks a relationship.
2.The thing easily replaced with my showerhead.
3.The thing that makes me wanna puke if it's under 5 inches...or over 11.
4.The most disgusting, addictive part on the male body.
1.Can I see your penis before I say "I love you."?
2.Who needs a penis when I can masturbate all night?
3.Omg ow your 12 inch penis is going in my uterus.
4.This is so gross but I can't stop sucking your penis.
by small penis hater December 07, 2003
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