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When a man goes up to his crying partner and wipes away their tears with his penis.
What's the matter baby, don't cry, do you want some penis tears?
by blazerchick5 January 29, 2011
The last drop of cum that can be squeezed out of the penis after ejaculating.
Shit I didn't get that last penis tear out.

I got a penis tear in my boxers.
by Free Dan January 24, 2013
A euphemism for male ejaculate
I must have had a good dream, because when I woke up this morning, there were penis tears all over my bed sheets.
by JAKIL March 28, 2015
Also know as Semen.
She used to make my eyes cry but now she makes my penis cry too. Penis Tears.
by The Glunk December 30, 2011
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