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1. To tell someone that you're lazy and consider it a valid excuse for anything you don't feel like doing.

2. To sit on a big purple chicken and think it's cool.

3. A type of Salami
Xykon: Hey Gril, let's invite Peng to astranaar with us.
Grilthnak: Okay I'll ask.
Grilthnak: Aw he penguintamered me!

Look at that ugly orc penguintamering over there!

This Penguintamer tastes like ass! I want a refund!
by bloopitybloopers October 29, 2008
(N) One who sexually molests Penguins, and pretends that it's simply taming them. Has shenanigans with large cats and scorpions. Avoid at all costs.
"I saw a Penguintamer on the news last night"

"I hope he gets capital punishment!"
by Grilthnak March 05, 2009
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