A bisexual (an individual being interested in both the opposite sex and the same sex, in a romantic/sexual fashion); A person who "swings both ways"

For a guy, this is most likely repulsive in untold capacities, as is any guy that would like cock in or around his mouth. But he is usually not a flamer, acting straight with only a few gay quirks.

For a girl, however, it is the epitome of hotness. Not only does does she suck cock, but if she has a hot friend, then the passage of the legendary threesome becomes open to all.....
Oh, I'm a pendulum ;P.
by Wolfwind36 October 18, 2010
A technical sexual act involving three parties: two women and an Asian dick-back (an Asian male with a second penis located in the square of his back).

The effect is achieved by suspending the dick-back's feet in the air and swinging him back-and-forth between the two women.
If I were a dick-back I would make a Pendulum with your sisters. Tick-tock mo' fucka.
by ILOVEPOTtery July 05, 2009
Pendulum are an electronic drum n bass group originally from Perth, AUSTRALIA. In 2003, they relocated to the United Kingdom. The group is comprised of Rob Swire(ascenic), Gareth McGrillen(speed) and Paul Harding(el hornet).

The Pendulum sound is typically heavy beats accompanied by low, buzzing basslines, overlaid with synthesized leads.
In 2005, Pendulum released their debut album, 'Hold Your Colour' and is the best selling drum n bass albums of all time.
I saw pendulum in perth live, it was OFF TAP!
by switchdnb01 August 31, 2007
To be bisexual, particularly male.

One who "Swings both ways"
Scott's a pendulum - he slept with Dawn and Paul last night.
by D Fresh May 27, 2006
a drum and bass trio.

whilst they do have some good songs, they are primarily a group that emos like putting on their phones to pretend that they like drum and bass, when what they actually mean is that they like a couple of pendulum songs and pretending to be ravers

the half decent mainstream songs that pendulum have released are being constantly overplayed on every form of public transport you sit on, until the opening bar of 'blood sugar' is enough to send you into a fit of rage that makes you want to take the phone off the stupid emo in front of you and ram it down their throat. but you don't, because you're not a half-adjusted social misfit like they are.

it's a shame, because pendulum do have some good songs, but their chart success has turned them into one of the most annoying bands ever. as soon as someone mentions 'pendulum' your first though will either be 'ooh they are kewl' or 'if this person starts saying how great tarantula is i'm going to batter them'
social misfit: lolz i like mega luvs pendulum, cos i am so into drum and bass, you know, its like im such a raver

someone normal: what pendulum do you like?

social misfit: tarnatula, that song is so wickid

someone normal: so what you mean is you like tarantula?

social misfit: no, i mean im like a drum and bass maniac, and id like totally do loads of drugs if i could. pendulum are like, sooo hardcore you know

someone normal: no they're not

social misfit: oh wat do you know, you r not an expert on this sort of music like i am

someone normal: actually im a dj

social misfit: no your not all my friends are rave djs nd they look nuthink like you you blagger
by the big p dawg February 26, 2008
The best DJ ever who released the best album ever "hold your colour"
laura loves pendulum because they are better than all the rock bands in the world put together
by Dan.c July 16, 2006

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