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A silly billy.
"I'm driving down the road with your head stuck in my window, what do you think I'm doing, you penarse?"
by Rob Weir October 02, 2003

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An abusive word which can be used to upset someone.
"Why did you do that you penarse?!?!"
"Jesus christ! Your such a penarse!!!"
by KnauerPower October 24, 2007
part penis, part arse. People with balls that look like arse cheeks and also have a normal penis, are said to have a penarse.
"Dude!! your balls are so small and intersected with your body!! You have a penarse!!
by scuntic dan runtic April 27, 2003
The bit between your penis and your arse.
"David kicked Phil in the penarse."
by Howlarge March 28, 2007