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This stands for P-E-N-I-S..As you can see the 15 at the end of pen15...the 1 resembles the "i" and the 5 resembles the "s". Lots of grade schoolers ask about, "do u have a pen15?" they say that its a pen, so when they say "no" they start to humiliate the person. This is a very imature act.
Yo sup? hey do u have a pen15?
WHAT?!? whats a pen15
oh its a kewl pen, all the boys have them
u serious?
well, do u have 1?
by Dave July 16, 2003
An old grade school prank. You'd write Pen 14 on your hand and walk up to an unsuspecting schoolmate and ask him if he wanted to join telling him he could be Pen 15. You'd then write Pen 15 on his hand, and everyone would laugh at him.
"I'm in the Pen club. I'm Pen 14, you can be Pen 15."
by Ritley August 24, 2003
Exclusive club for those in 6th and 7th grade. Only requirement to enter is to have the club's name written on one's body part, such as an arm or hand.
Johnny, join the Pen 15 club! Alls ya need to do is let me write Pen 15 on your arm.
by MoonKnight November 25, 2002
A mock spelling of the word penis. Can be used to trick ones friend.Mostly Done by children in the 5th or 6th grade.
Hey Mat you wanna join the Pen15 club? Just let me write Pen15 onyour hand
by Lincoln Barltett February 09, 2003
or Pen15. Resembles the word "penis" when written.
You are a gigantic Pen 15.
by webstersheir62 February 28, 2003
A word that, when handwritten, resembles penis. Write on someone's hand and good times will follow.
If you want to joing the pen15 club, you have to let me write it on your hand.
by Anonymous November 23, 2002
something you write in very large print on your forehead and show off in public places.
hot chick: lance looks so dope with pen15 written on his forehead
by jimbob November 23, 2002
a great club
im in the pen 15 club
by jfkdl;sahg June 30, 2003