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Someone who you cannot understand, because they mumble 24/7. Taken from the character "Peetree" in the movie "Land before time" due to his incomprehensible speech. Clings to people who think that he "peetree" is obnoxious.
"I adklawjwannadk;al asdsgivelk;;kl etyouhjdk hjklkhead!lkjlkj

Wut did you say peetree???
by honkytoe March 03, 2003
A babie with small hands, feet, and teeth. They love fuji apples and talk quietly. They don't listen to what you are saying most of the time. However, peetree is a rather hot person. Everyone is jealous of them.
Peetree has such small hands, she would be screwed if she was a guy.

Wow, she's pretty peetree.
by jr. pimp November 29, 2006
A Peetree is a long haired boy with huge sideburns who tends to longingly stare at people with no emotion on his face. Peetree's usually are found wearing purple speedo's.
"Peetree is so hot over there staring at me with his cool shoes"
by ~woot~ February 18, 2005
Any tree in which a male person uses as a quick urinal outside.
Boy: I have to pee really bad daddy!
Dad: Go over there and make that a pee tree son.
by Tex-Mex Shawn C. December 04, 2010
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