Top Definition
A surprise
1: I've got a peepie for you.
2: NO, no. I hate surprises.
1: Don't be such a douche. You know what fuck you. It was awesome and now you don't get to know what it is dick. Way to go. You shit on my heart.
2: Fine... go on with it.
1: You lost your chance. You get no more peepies ever. You done fucked up!
#peepie #surprise #pee pie #peapie #peepye
by dankmonkey April 11, 2013
this here witherfore thine acteth of thee creampie whilst subsituting the creamyness of thine cumdiddly with thine everflowing urine from within thine bowels of thee gods!
so there i was sneakely peepieing this girl, and she found out she was totally down with it... DUDE!
#peepying #pee_pieing #pee_pie_ing #peeping #peepie_ing
by etiblefetus March 29, 2010
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