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What Darwin has done to the forum, but only because she lets him do it. It's a real shame.
Damn! Darwin has totally peed up the Bee.
by Gorpuscle April 16, 2010
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Pumped up the bum,the same as Effed in the A but different and has the equal amoutn of comedy value,especiall when you say it at work and some unsuspecting elder asks you what the hell you are saying
Desmond the chef - '' Man this job sucks , Ive been peed up the bee all day''
elderly waitress- '' What do you mean Des , I cant understand your modern talk''
Desmond the chef - '' pumped up the bum ,bitch. Ill pump you up the bum if you dont shut yo mouth''
by johhny bloffter March 03, 2010

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