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a peeb is a small jack-russell type doggy eg. a Jack Russell... that has triangular crunchy ears and beady eyes.
look at that Peeb.. Peebing at you..
by rockabillyM March 02, 2011
13 1
slang for Pabst Blue Ribbons, one of the cheapest and most delicious beers known to man
After a hard day at work, Jim likes to throw back a few peebs and watch Fear Factor.
by Jake Christie March 17, 2007
11 8
the act of urinating in a woman's butt hole
that girl is so hot i would totally give her a peeb
by juiceboxhero1234321 May 23, 2011
7 5
hip alternative term for the Pi Beta Phi sorority house
just hanging with my sister frans at the peebs.
by ohhheybecs February 18, 2011
2 0
Any chav with the initials of P.B.
"OMG look at peebs new burberry hat!"

"Init peebs?"

"Hey peebs wanna play iSketch and code a wp theme?"

"Peebs is da best coder eVaR...too bad he listens to techno and uses moisturiZer :("
by zanzabaaaa January 08, 2009
6 4
one who lacks any kind of money or savings at all, one who lives in a box, derived from the latin root poorus boyus
peeeeeeebs, u worthless piece of shit
by EJRhater April 03, 2004
17 20
A front butt. They are predominant in older, skinny women. Often compared to the FUPA, peebs are often accompanied by the Camel Toe (most distrubing when seen through thick, stoned-washed jeans).
Dude, your mom's peeb really brings out the camel toe in those sweet ass sweats.
by Casey Williams September 30, 2006
16 33