A front butt. They are predominant in older, skinny women. Often compared to the FUPA, peebs are often accompanied by the Camel Toe (most distrubing when seen through thick, stoned-washed jeans).
Dude, your mom's peeb really brings out the camel toe in those sweet ass sweats.
by Casey Williams September 30, 2006
Top Definition
a peeb is a small jack-russell type doggy eg. a Jack Russell... that has triangular crunchy ears and beady eyes.
look at that Peeb.. Peebing at you..
by rockabillyM March 02, 2011
the act of urinating in a woman's butt hole
that girl is so hot i would totally give her a peeb
by juiceboxhero1234321 May 23, 2011
slang for Pabst Blue Ribbons, one of the cheapest and most delicious beers known to man
After a hard day at work, Jim likes to throw back a few peebs and watch Fear Factor.
by Jake Christie March 17, 2007
hip alternative term for the Pi Beta Phi sorority house
just hanging with my sister frans at the peebs.
by ohhheybecs February 18, 2011
Any chav with the initials of P.B.
"OMG look at peebs new burberry hat!"

"Init peebs?"

"Hey peebs wanna play iSketch and code a wp theme?"

"Peebs is da best coder eVaR...too bad he listens to techno and uses moisturiZer :("
by zanzabaaaa January 08, 2009
one who lacks any kind of money or savings at all, one who lives in a box, derived from the latin root poorus boyus
peeeeeeebs, u worthless piece of shit
by EJRhater April 03, 2004
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