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a dude who gets all drunk, then pisses everywhere known to man
im so mad he just pissed on my couch what a pee man
by b-dawg189 July 29, 2006
a guy who gets completely wasted, passes out on the couch with his shoes on, and wakes up in the morning without realizing that he peed himself. UNTIL someone else sits on the couch and realizes its wet. They lift up the cushion and find the biggest wet spot known to man.
BRIAN passed out on the couch and when found the pee the next morning, they yelled, "BRIAN!!!!! YOU ARE SUCH A PEE MAN!!!!!" GROSS!
by Oshkosh Party March 30, 2008
The mixture of pee and semen that you excrete into the toilet after a wank.
Dude, I jerked it so much last night, my toilet was completely filled with peemen
by Munge Bimp November 17, 2013