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1. When a doctor asks you for a sample of urine to be sent for examining at a lab.

2. To see how far you can push your girlfriend before she dumps you.
1. "You think that lump might be cancer?"
"My Pee and See test results just came in--they were negative!"."

2. "You think your girl will let you squeeze her titties tonight?"
"I dunno. I guess I'll just hafta Pee and See."
by UrBaN_dEFiNeR November 29, 2005
The name of an iPhone and Apple Watch app that reminds you to drink water when you haven't peed in a long time.

This phrase can also be used when you need to pee, and want to suggest that you'll be remembering to log the pee in the Pee & See app.
"I'm so serious about hydration I have a 90 day streak in Pee and See."

"We can leave in a minute, I just need to Pee and See first."
by gj760Li June 07, 2016
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