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1. When a doctor asks you for a sample of urine to be sent for examining at a lab.

2. To see how far you can push your girlfriend before she dumps you.
1. "You think that lump might be cancer?"
"My Pee and See test results just came in--they were negative!"."

2. "You think your girl will let you squeeze her titties tonight?"
"I dunno. I guess I'll just hafta Pee and See."
by UrBaN_dEFiNeR November 29, 2005
1. Not only to be drunk, but to be drunk to such an extent that, upon entering the local chinese restaurant, you mistake a group of tamil guys for jamaicans and ask them in a low grunt "yo are you mashed"

2. Getting hit upside the head after calling a group of tamils jamaican
"he was so mashed he asked those jamaicans if they were mashed"
"those were tamils u idiot, what are you mashed?"
by UrBan_deFineR November 10, 2005

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