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a fear of mexican names, the most sevire cases occuring in mexico when people deny that they are mexican as then people would know that they have a mexican name.

90's footballer Ole Gunner Solschire was the first person to have been diagnosed with pedrophobia, but after realising that it was a disease as equaly bad as alcaholism he checkd himself into rehab and has been free of irational thaughts about mexican names for 7 years
Dave- "crikey your new neibour isnt from round here"

Jim- "I know, he's just moved here from mexico, he's a jolly chap who goes by the name of Paublo Benitto"

Dave- "Golly! I do believe that name is mexican, all of a suddern this estate gives me the heebie jeebies"

Jim- "Whats the matter, you a bit pedrofobic? you need the Solshire treatment"
by william milburn May 01, 2009
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