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Best friends, often used sarcastically to emphasize the weakness of a relationship.
"You're on thin ice my pedigree chums and I shall be under it when it breaks"- Brick Top- Snatch
by I Regret My Choice September 27, 2013
Someone whom you share a common sense of (humour) with, whether it's been months or even years can still be able to pick up where you left off and have that same (banter).
Person A- "That Shelley seems a right good (laugh)."
Person B- "Aye, she's a proper pedigree chum"
by Bobbydgrum June 09, 2015
The floating remnants of a particularly large and buoyant panful of excrement. As a defense mechanism, the faeces disperse into smaller chunks when the flush is deployed, surviving to haunt the bowl for the next unfortunate soul to encounter.
Simon: Who was last in the toilet?
Chris: Why?
Simon: There's a load of pedigree chum floating around the bowl.
by steve_rogers_is_dead June 16, 2008

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