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A game in which one person spots a car with a headlight out, hits the ceiling of the car, and says "Pedidle!" the last person to do so must remove a piece of clothing. A car with a missing back headlight is a pedoink, and is just as useful in the undressing of your friends in this game.
you: *spots car with missing headlight* PEDIDLE!! *hits ceiling*
person 1: PEDIDLE *hits ceiling*
person 2: PEDIDLE *hits ceiling*
person 3: PEDIDLE *hits ceiling*
you: haha #3 you lose!
person 3: *removes shirt*
by Laura___ August 21, 2007
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when one headlight to a car is burnt out or missing
the car has a pedidle
by brian fisher April 16, 2007

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