A Gay Man who Sniff'z wenierz (Dick)(Not HotDogs..lol)
D-nice is a fucking peckerchecker!!!
by Alisha and Jessica May 02, 2006
another term for a cock blocker, usually a portly to rotund female who accompanies a beautiful vixen and who has taken it upon herself to protect her gorgeous friend's virtue by inserting herself between her friend and anybody she deems interested in said friend, (ergo, a threat) and driving them away by any means necessary. The term can also however, refer to any male who is deliberately sabotaging another male's attempts to horizontal boot-knock with a member of the opposite sex, for whatever sick, twisted reason. These icons of shame and self disgust, are almost always looked down upon with hatred and contempt.
Yo Dufus! Whatchew doing ruining my play with that fine mofo in the pink short shorts? You some kinda pecker checker, or what?
by 1 Beat off September 27, 2010
What you call a Guy who you trick into looking at your junk.
hey look dude i got a new phone, reach to pocket, other guy looks down, then you say: ay pecker checker stop lookin at my junk!!
by gah.. what name isn't taken July 15, 2009
That Fucking Flaming, Faggot standing at the urinal next to you...
And he isn't even Pisssssssssing!!!
" I think that Pecker Checker wanted to be a Peter eater for a day"?
by mavros April 07, 2006
the doctor, specially when u go in fer a lil turn and cough.
" dude i'm busy this mornin, i gotta go to the pecker checker. gettin that physical. "
by the dick doctor July 27, 2005

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