a way of saying someone or yourself is completly drunk.
ho: man, i think i am totally pearce

arab: same, but evyn is more pearce than you.
by hoevyn May 10, 2009
Top Definition
The Best
Girl: "It was the best thing ever!!!"
Guy: "Woah! Second best! Don't forget Pearce
by chuciknorris12 October 31, 2010
The most beautiful sweetest girl in the world. Pearce is also the best friend in the world. Her eyes will make any guy fall in love with her.
All of the other girls wish they were like Pearce
by tryandfindme September 04, 2012
1. refers to a person who can play crazy amazing on the piano
2. a name used for really nice bestie
3. a person who often acts like a wigger
4. also known as kanye east

1. Wow! he plays crazy on the piano, his name must be Pearce.
2. Pearce is my bestie.
3. Dude that guy is acting like a total pearce with his swagger.
by BESTIEZ February 19, 2009
A small teenage boy who is always getting food from fast food places. He also never contributes for sports with his friends.
Boy: Stop being such a pearce!

Girl: I cant help it its a disease.
by J- Baller May 18, 2009
A weird-ass person who goes for really short chicks. He prefers anal and he likes to humiliate people by taking the poop and wiping it on the victims shorts to give them what we call "A poop stain".
Dude, I hear she's dating Pearce." "Oh, so thats what the stain is from... That explains a lot.
by NoahSC October 31, 2010
to entertain small children under the pretext of teaching
A."I hear that Jackson man is up in court again."
B. "Yes, he just can't stop pearcing. He says he has quit music and was only teaching phonics for fun."
A. "I think he's innocent.Most pearcers are bald, deny liking children and come from Bourmouth."
B. "I agree, they should all be hung."
by Larry Grayson July 02, 2007
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