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A way to burn a bridge and cutting your ties from a female companion or counter part. The procedure is done by opening an online discussion with said female, and leading her on to believe that you are about to ask her to start a deeper relationship with her. When you have built up a large amount of anxiety through one-word responses and excessive amounts of unnecessary period drags. (...) After she is shitting bricks of anticipation, you ask the following question: "Do you prefer Jiff Super Chunk Peanutbutter, or Skippy Super Chunk Peanutbutter?"

After the emotional atomic bomb is dropped, upon any response, you reply:"WHAT THE FUCK!" and sign off abruptly. After signing off, avoid any form of conversation for 3 days. Please note, this works best on women that like you, but that you do not like.
Broseph: "I just peanut butter procedured my girl"

Broski: "Really? So its Over?"

Broseph: "Yes. Praise God."
by Hammer Krew April 26, 2009

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