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1.Is the result of a combination of a moist sticky poop that is pinched off too early and a poorly wipped ass. This can lead to dingleberries,klingons and most definately skid marks. Is most commonly found in males.
2. The feeling that you can't wipe your ass clean.
1. I had Peanut Butter Butt after the Indian food so now I have skid marks.

2. No matter how many times I wipe I still fell like I have peanut butter butt.
by gcribb December 28, 2005
The result of eating one too many peanut butter sandwhiches and ending up with poop stuck in your ass crack.
Robert: Wow Naomi! you have the messiest peanut butter butt I have ever seen..lemme eat that shit out!

Naomi: Yeah go for it, I ate 69 peanut butter sandwiches mang. Beware of dirty butt crust and filthy mushrooms.
by Tuna can chode December 02, 2011
when a females ass smells like shit
you Alain that bitch had a peanut butter butt....
by grassy ass22 June 30, 2011