When you rub peanut butter on your fingers and then finger a girl
My hands still smell like peanut butter after i me and sally peanut brittled
by Syd Shenk February 01, 2010
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Those who "stick" together and won't seperate in fear of social inferiority; those who require social acceptance so much they will change themselves dramatically (conformers, unindividuals)
Those girls over there are peanut brittle; do you see how they can't even go to the bathroom to fix their makeup by themselves?
by Brittttttttttttttttttany January 06, 2006
This is when a man either:
1. Gets his cock licked and then fucks a girl so hard his cock feels 'fried'
2. Burns his cock during non-sexual activity and then gets a blowjob
1st Girl: Aahhh! Did you see him fuck Sophy! He must have a peanut brittle now!
2nd Girl: I know, right!
by Harry Toba February 03, 2014

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