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The place to be if you live in North Salem, NY. If you want weed, you wont have to look far around peach lake, consists of 3 major party place, pietches (peaches, probly not written by a sober man) is the home of large-set, divorced men, but has been known to have some ill parties, just watch your back as the drinks can sometimes remember to watch cause harsh feelings. WARNING: Known for all out brawls. Vails, the illest party spot in North Salem, home of the most notorious drunks north salem has to offer, if you cant handle your alcahol you should probly not be there, when it comes to running from NSPD (five-oh), you can be sure everyone from vails will wind up safe in their houses by morning, even if they dont remember how they got there, they manage. Bloomerside/Bonaview, birth place of the mary i keefe library club, party spots include the Point, the Golf course, and "i mean" this girls house.

Peach Lake= 50% alcahol, 25% urine, 25% a water-like substance
"We got a 23-19 at Peach Lake. I repeat, there is an illegal house party."
by Trooper Merrit February 28, 2007
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