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An unreachable goal.
It doesn't matter how many people pledge peace because there will always be that one bastard who wants to cause problems, thats just the way it is. All of your "Peace groups" are just spitting out useless lines of wasted oxygen, acting like violence and war started yesterday. Thats why I love the US, and our other Allies who took a huge lesson out of World War Two, you don't let someone step of your toe then walk away, you have to step on his toe or he's going to come back in 15 years and kick you in the knee. I know it sucks to hear that, but thats...again the way it is, and always will be.
by theloaswriter November 04, 2007

This term is often used at the end of a conversation between friends or acquaintances. Friendly and hip style of saying goodbye.
A: I have to go
B: It was nice talking to you
A: Peace
by BigTooseek February 13, 2009
The word peace is over used, underused. And a fade that people have been flowing with for the last past year or so. peace is to want the world to be respectful loving and fair to nearly everybody. You want everyone in the world to not hurt, to be in love and to feel every part of themselves. you dont care about underage sex, drinking, nor drugs. because everyone finds thee peaceful state of mind in different types of forms. killing is wrong, and you work your differences through words. Life is more fun when you put violence aside and gather peace.
peace and love makes tis world go round.
by Rikishareen December 21, 2008
1. The absence of war or conflict, typically associated with love and general wellbeing. Historically, peaceful times have produced the best examples of art and literature as well as advances in medicine etc.
2. A greeting or parting phrase.
1. Peace produced the renaissance and the ideal of peace produced the Beatles.
2. Bye bye, peace out!
Something that should be achieved without making war because then you're doing the opposite of what you're supposed to do.
"come on let's make peace, can't we all just get a long?"
by koolyman March 10, 2006
Used to depart from a group of friends as a whole. Similar to saying "peace" when ending a coversation with a single person.
"Alrighty everyone. I'll see you all later. Peaces."

by B.Lopez October 24, 2008
something that 99% of the world strive for...
50% fight for
20% die for
and 30% (like george bush) do nothing about.
soldiers in iraq are fighting for peace.
by Alissa_d January 23, 2008