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1. An odd and pathetic attempt, often made by people who fight hard for low stakes, to argue that they have coined a term that is already in regular use (including for description of "kinks"). See also coinage pwnage

2. A drinking game: Pick a phrase, then count the number of times the phrase is used during the event of your choosing. Everyone must do that many shots. The last person to complete the shots is the "Jason" and must get "paid" (through the form of the group's choosing).

3. A twitter tag related to coined terms (#payingjason)
1. "That guy goes off about words he's created...ignore it, he's just paying jason."

2. "You wanna get a game going of "Paying Jason"? Payment is through ridiculing the "Jason"

3. Urban dictionary entry for "Paying Jason" #payingjason
by payingjason August 04, 2011
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