to paxton- v. to ram another vehicle off the road; to invade another's lane on the highway with intent to kill.
Did you see that! He just got paxtoned!
by Huberton March 22, 2007
Top Definition
An unique name for an unique person. Means 'Peaceful Town'. Paxtons are good-hearted and fun-loving. They are trustworthy, dependable friends with sensitive souls. Will go out of their way to avoid hurting someone's feelings. Usually very bright, but not show-offs. Might not be the most popular ones in the crowd, but are reliable and loyal lifelong friends to a lucky few.
"You can always count on Paxton to be there for you."
by bestbuddy411 February 02, 2010
Paxton is a man know for a legendary huge dick, also Paxton's are amazing kissers and all girl want Paxton's Dick.

Basically the freshest nigga God made

Boy: Paxton stole my girlfriend

Friend: Well Paxton has a huge dick, so she'll be good
Girl: Paxton's dick is so big!!
by Jdhdjdbdj November 25, 2013
A larger, generally obese woman whos only intention is to climb her own social ladder. Paxton will do or say anything to hurt you. A very very easy girl to sleep with all she needs is a few vodkas. Just a big white slut bag
Person " what happened to your friend paxton?

paxton" when i get bored of my friends i sleep with their boyfriend"
by andromeada November 19, 2013
A word, when uttered aloud, will decimate any pre-planned social event.
Billy: Hey, Timmy! Do you want to hang out today!?
Timmy: Sorry, Billy, but I'm going to Paxton this weekend.

Billy: *Hopes and dreams ruined*
by Spaghetti016 September 12, 2009
A unusually white-large assed girl. She has curly hair that resembles pubic hair. No big deal though. She has an odd sex noise and ride's a purple bike usually. Be aware when around one. They do bite.
Shit that paxton has a huge ass.

Fuck she just bite me! Must me a paxton.
by shannon369 February 10, 2009
hair style like thick curly pubic hair
"Dude that guys hair is a paxton"
by vow April 12, 2007
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