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A totally uselessly over the top punch that could only hit a blind and deaf or incredibly stupid person because anyone would see the punch coming because of the ridiculously long wind up and/or hear you yell whatever punch related prefix you have to yell at the top of your lungs while winding up before yelling the final "PAWNCH!!!" as you thrust your fist forward at your unfortunate and stupid target.
Operative Badger: "FALCON..."
Blind-Deaf Idiot: *stares at sky*
Operative Badger: "PAWNCH!!!!!"
Blind-Deaf Idiot: *explodes*
by The Lawn October 30, 2007
v. A very powerful punch; usually used against Jeep vehicles and dinosaurs.
"Chaz just totallyed PAWNCHED that triceratops."
by Jeff February 18, 2004
The definition when a person of such powerful strength punches the victim, he/she is launched to a point where impact is the felt the same when struck by a bullet train, at full speed.

A Pawnch is so powerful that the victim is indeed pawned by said punch.

Ultimalion: *PAWNCHES Bluckles*

Bluckes is launched by such a punch, by Crystalion that he is smashed into space.

by Ultima Lion August 12, 2014
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