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One who is known to have a misshapen and disfigured small penis; One who resembles a turd; One who enjoys placing anal beads and other assorted sex toys such as dildos into there asshole; One who resembles a socially awkward transsexual ballerina who enjoys wearing a butt plug; One who is extremely ugly and possesses a package consisting of a single testicle also referred to as a mono-pavone; One who's pubes are longer than their penis; One who resembles a homosexual ice dancer with an inflamed clitoris; Another word for what is released after a hymen is broken; The sound that a condom makes when it tears
Rachel: Do u think that guy has a big penis?
Veronica: Nah he looks like a turd, he must have a pavone.

Josh: Man that guy sid is weird, he's such a pavone
Ashley: Really? he likes putting anal beads up his ass
Josh: Too right.
Ashley: Faggot
Josh: Yeah

Anjan: I heard that guy was a pavone
Krishna: Unlucky

Gurkaran: Fuck hope my kid isn't born with a pavone!
Sam: Yeah no one wants their kid to be ugly and have a single testicle

Damoon: I hired a pavone for my wedding
Devpal: WHAT! you hired a tranny ballerina with a butt plug!

Vish: Man i hate my life
Tom: At least your not a pavone.

Lucy: Oh no! I think I'm pregnant
Liz: Really did your condom make a pavone sound?
Lucy: Yes.
Liz: Ah well just hope the baby isn't born with a mono-pavone
by SUPERwealthyBIGpenis October 02, 2011
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