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Doing a poo whilst in a steamy bathroom. Perhaps you have left the shower running whilst taking a poo. The smell spreads throughout the whole room at rapid pace within the steam. The smell is everywhere. Sometimes good for back acne.

Paunas can also be created as a disgusting practical joke.

Poo partials latch hold of the water molecules in the air and thrive for a longer period of time and spread extremely fast and will affect anyone within the area.
Pauna is short for Poo Sauna
It didn't matter where Tonche went, she couldn't get away from the smell, Lyndon had created a Pauna of brute intensity.

Some fancy day spas now offer "Paunas" as part of their deluxe treatments. Clients enter a typical steam room, goggles on, the therapist with defalcate in an official beauty toilet and allow the fecal particles spread throughout. "Paunas" are fantastic for back acne and asthma.
by Ashinx9 December 21, 2013

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