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Paulina is latin for little and humble.

History-wise Paulina was Emperor Hadrian's eldest sister who took huge influence in his building Hadrian's Wall. Soon after Paulina's influence, only related women were named Paulina as a symbol of forever.
"That girl goes to homeless shelters freeboobing; are you sure her name aint Paulina?"
by Bootie-licious boo boo December 01, 2011
36 21
a beautiful polish girl that has a big heart. she loves kids, and is nice to everyone unless you get on her bad side. she is not judgemental at all. she is funny and never shuts up. she is crazy and loves to have fun, but she knows when to be serious. she is just generally an amazing person.
i think i'm falling for Paulina, she is just so amazing!
by polishgirl123 May 02, 2009
962 305
a really awesome person who is hyper and sometimes crazy
"wow that girl is such a paulina"
by personwholikescake April 28, 2009
601 181
A girl who needs to start feeling better and cope with how her life is changing because its changing for her better; has friends to back her up and make her life good(even some friends to make her life sexually good). Also, commonly characterized by nerdiness, talkative, beautiful, smart, perceptive, caring, sexy, no common sense, bad at telling jokes, and despite popular belief has great girlfriend qualities.
Dude, that chick the bomb. Her name has to be Paulina!
by Goodman baby September 08, 2009
369 167
A very special person which has changed a life and will always be treasured by the one who truly loves her. A very unique character which is rare to come across. If by any chance you meet her you will instantly fall in love with her beautiful nature and will automatically come back want to get to know her better. Shy, quite person on the surface, but once u get to know her, she's amazing. This persons one true love will forever be grateful and will be treated and given never ending love. People like these are very special people, so if by any chance you manage to meet someone like this, treasure it and always remember it. I am speaking from 1st hand experience.
by orientalkid August 21, 2011
258 89
paulina is a girl who is really mysterious its hard to figure her out, often she is foreign ! she is very hard to get with. She is unbelievable pretty and sexy. All the guys want her amazing body. She is a pure sex symbol. If you ever have to chance to get with her. God is with you, you only get that chance once in youre life !
paulina is just sexy pretty mysterious
by schalalalalalkoko February 06, 2011
211 81
a paulina is a female who has the body of a goddess and the brain of a genius. guys are drawn to her good looks and her awsome sense of humour. even her flaws are more beautiful than any other girl's perfections. every guy wants to be with a paulina. she loves kids, and is nice to everyone unless you get on her bad side. she is not judgemental at all. she is funny and never shuts up. shes one of the loudest people you will ever meet. every paulina is also definitaly a sex goddess, she can handle any position any time, any speed.
guy: hey dude, if you ever get paulina to go out with you, you are pretty damn lucky!
guy #2 : i know, shes so perfect.
by somebodyisbeinganon January 06, 2012
120 35
An exotic sex position that was used back in the early greek times where the female does all the work. Now it's called inverted missionary.
Derek layed resting on the bed while his girlfriend pounced on him doing the paulina!
by laney0987654321 April 08, 2007
331 271