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The act of laughing with such exuberance that one becomes involuntarily flatulent.
While falling victim to a toilet tackle I broke into an outrageous ass laugh!
by Uncle Junk June 11, 2007
1) Acronym used for the phrase "Laughing my fucking ass off"
Omg that was so funny, asslaugh
by TheBladeSocksNots March 09, 2011
1. v. To laugh while shaking your behind, sometimes used to mock another person's joke or remark. Also has been known to happen without the laughee without his/her knowledge on occasion. 2. n. A laugh seemingly to have originated from someone's ass.
So how did it go with your Boothang?" "Not too well man, she totally ass laughed at me.
by JaPandaMafia September 01, 2010
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