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Any fellow female stoner (weed-smoker/dabette) with a name that starts with "Pat."

For example: Patricia, Patrice, etc.

A specific "stoner" nickname given to a "Pat," replacing the traditional nickname, "Patty cakes," inspired by one of the oldest nursery rhymes ever, "Pat-a-cake."
Aril: hey, do you know that female??

Ricardo: Uhh, YEA. that's PattyBakes

Aril: wtf, pattyBAKES?..

Ricardo: Yea, that's Patty. She smokes weed. Patty(actually)Bakes..
Aril: Ohh.. well, that's cool, bro...

PattyBakez420 is the OG PattyBakes.
by PattyBakes420 November 15, 2013
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