best team in the nfl, end of story
the pats killed the panthers in the superbowl
by Smith August 15, 2004
The best 2003 season team in the NFL.
I thought the Patriots were just lucky but after 15 straight wins, they got GUTS!
by Dropkick Blumpkin February 13, 2004
Naked, full nudity
During my shower I am patriot.
by wouldntyoulikeotknow May 01, 2003

someone of Hitlish origin, or at least looks like hitler
hitler is the greatest patriot in history
by hitler July 15, 2004
The greatest NFL "TEAM" in history. They have a chance to 3-peat and win 4 out of 5 championships in an era where free agency makes it very difficult to win consistently. Tom Brady is the most underrated QB in NFL history (quite a few QBs who get paid much more than him) even though he keeps bitch slappin' all the haters. He'd rather cut his pay in order to help his teammates. For the haters: The Panthers was a joke. It wasn't even competitive.

Every haters keep bitchin' about the Patriots, making excuses about their schedule, but they just keep winning..... 3 super bowls out of 4 years, and may win again this year.
by Brady Rocks January 12, 2006
The best team in the NFL as of November 15, 2004. They have won 21 out of 22 games, all 21 in a row.
How is it luck winning that many games in a row w/o losing? But go ahead, keep saying its luck as the beat every team in the NFL.
by proudasspatsfan November 15, 2004
The greatest team in NFL history. About to complete the first 19 game undefeated season. Set records for; most points scored in a season, most touchdowns in a season, largest point diiferential in a season, most touchdown passes in a season and most touchdown receptions in a season. Enroute to their 4th NFL Championship vanquished, Dallas, Indianapolis, Pittsburg, San Diego, Jacksonville, NY Giants, Washington all of which were playoff teams.
19-0 is all that need be said about the 2007 New England Patriots.
by McCluskey January 26, 2008

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