Originally a word used to describe someone who takes pride in being a citizen of their country. Most recently used to keep down anti-war activists by accusing them of not loving their country because they don't want to send innocent men and women to their deaths for unjust cause.

After being called a non-patriot, it is very likely the person will also be called a terrorist as well. Ironically enough, so-called "terrorists" would be probably be considered patriots by their own people.
If you're not a patriot who wants to kill people, you're a terrorist who...wants to kill people?
by RobTheReef July 12, 2009
A patriot is a verb and not a noun because one must actively seek to protect or further the interests of his/her country. If there is no active involvement, the person is not a patriot, but a citizen. The act of protecting or furthering the good of the country must be done for the love of the country and not simply a means to an end.
An example is a person joining the military to protect his/her country is a patriot. A person joining the military to benefit from the college tuition benefits is simply a citizen.

The scope of patriotism may be small or large. Giving your life for your country is big act of patriotism. The simple act of picking up trash in your neighborhood is a small act of patriotism for it leads to a better society and hence, country. If this same vision was share by 10,000 people throughout the country, a simple act of patriotism would make a large impact.
by Patriot-in-Philadelphia September 10, 2008
A Patriot is someone who lets his belief system be decided for him by the place he was born and the government running it.

They can't decide things for themselves so these people give their allegiance to pieces of cloth instead of the human race.
The imperialist kamakaze Japanese in World War II were huge patriots.

The Nazi Party were huge patriots.

The Israeli Defence Force members being fined 100 shekels for killing innocent children in palestine are huge patriots.
by HappyRaceTraitor January 08, 2005
when reason fails and ignorance rules....
there will be the patriot.

when a country defines it's people and the people do not define the country.
blindness and stupidity
by don't you just love it? August 29, 2003
someone who fights for their country and beliefs.
No matter what hippies and idiots say, every soldier is a patriot
by semperfimarines October 20, 2009
One who loves, supports, and defends one's country. --Country being not the landmass, nation or government, but the citizenry--

I am a patriot, because serve in the military and kill for my country (being my fellow citizens; servicemen/veterans, those born in America or legally naturalized) in service to the citizens of the United States of America. So that they have the choice to be or support; PC/multicults, Communists, NeoCons, or general kleptocrats and continue to fail the next generation to come, as those have since the "Social Revolution" of the 60's have failed us. True Americans vest themselves into the system we serve for love of country and whilst most tend to accrue --that which commonly is-- ordinary ignorance of the law, government, geopolitics. All the while believing in hypocritic illogical fallacies fed to them by their localized media source or network.
by eloas March 21, 2009
beer or soda(energy drinks)
hand me some patriots like red bull,etc..
by SideVT October 15, 2008
Republican who believes that using taxpayer monies for their rightwinged crusades is being patriotic. Ex. Impeaching Bill Clinton. Ex. I wanna kick Sadams Hussein's ass because I wanna show my daddy I luv him. Ex. Bush W. lying to the US citizenry so he can spend 200 billion of their dollars to get rid of Sadam. Ex. All people who feel that lying about getting a blowjob truely justifies bringing government to a standstill to rid the US of such a president. Such Patriots also feel that the average citizen can't handle the truth.
Give me a billion or 2 of the taxpayers money so I can be a patriot.
by Demoncrat_with_Balls August 31, 2003

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