Patrick Stump (the leprechaun) is the lead singer from Fall Out Boy with Pete Wentz (werewolf/vampire mix), Andy Hurley (fairy princess), and Joe Trohman (giant from the beanstalk). I get orgasms from listening to him. Some people might say he's fat, but he's normal...just normal. Except there's something about him that makes him unexplainably cute and adorable. I'd like to get in his pants.
Patrick: I am self conscious for some gay reason.
Me: Patrick, let's go make passionate love all night long.
Pete Wentz: Patrick, dude let me put chocolate all over your body then lick it off like I lick my guitar.
Me: Back off you werewolf, he's mine!

Patrick Stump is cute, so cute in fact that I spend every waking moment having sick sexual fantasies about him and Pete Wentz making out. Yeah baby.
by LeprechaunLover February 28, 2007
Patrick Stump is the lead singer and lead guitarist in the hit band Fall Out Boy. He originally played the drums for fall out boy, but once Andy Hurley joined, He had JUST found out his singing talents and became lead singer.
Me: Patrick Stump is so hot...

by Anna Stump :P July 05, 2007
The Hottest man on the face of this earth, lead singer of FallOutBoy.
Patrick Stump is so dreamy.
by SavingAshlee October 23, 2008
1-sexy ass lead singer of fall out boy(:
2-chunky to a certain extent(:
3-gorgeous :DDD
4-see amazing (:
5-the best.damn.thing.

ferr suree
Patrick- Hey yoo girl from corn field town, ohio... wanna see my backstage pass?
Carli- of course Patrick Stump:)

<<we then prceed to the bedroom where I proceed to faint after Patrick Stump shows me his spiffy mic. *wink,wink*>>

by MissyMarie2013 April 07, 2009
omfg he is so adorable he always weres a hat and hes the lead singer and he plays the guitar for his emo rox band Fall Out Boy he is so hot omfg i wanna marrie him he is so hot when he has long hair and his hair cover his long side burgs lol so hot
girl :my bf looks like patrick stump

boy :omfg is tht guy patrick stump

girl :no thts my bf

boy :sweet
by danidaisy October 31, 2006
1) The leader singer of fall out boy.
2) A 30 year old man that has worn many hats in his days yet rocks the fedora everytime.
3) A cuddly man who's hip rolls during sugar were going down swing in' gives feels to all fangirls.
"Whos the short man who can't reach his microphone stand?" "Oh that's just Patrick stump, Pete's gotta help him with his stand."
by Theshadypenguin August 12, 2014
Patrick Stump (the leprechaun) is the lead singer from Fall Out Boy with Pete Wentz (werewolf/vampire mix), Andy Hurley (fairy princess), and Joe Trohman (giant from the beanstalk). He's not the best singer in the world but I still get orgasms from listening to him. Pete Wentz looks like a werewolf and who would you rather fuck, a werewolf or a leprechaun? I'd pick the leprechaun.
Patrick: I am a little leprechan and I am so fucking cute!
Pete Wentz: Cool dude.
Me: Patrick lets go make passionate love all night long and I know how you love it when my makeup gets all over your pillowcase.
Pete: Patrick, let my suck your dick dude.
Me: STFU bitch he's mine!

Patrick Stump is cute as shit. He shouldnt lose weight, get rid of those sideburns, or sing clearly because all of those things make him super cute! lmao
by LeprechaunLover February 24, 2007
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