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The magnificent third largest city of Greece located in the Peloponnese and a lively port to Italy. A wonderful place to visit in winter thanks to its enormous, colourful and phantasmagoric carnival. Famous for its Mavrodaphne, the amazing hard to resist nectar like local wine. Regretably neglected by foreign tourists in the summer who rush to island resorts. Also, a city whose authorities do a great job to hide its natural beauty and dig its potential by forgetting its privileged coastal position.
Tom: this February we will travel to Patras for the Carnival.
Brenda:Did you know that Patras is the cultural capital of Europe this year?
Tom (surprised): Really!??! This place is full of surprises, we only realized that its beaches are so wonderful a year ago, on our way to the islands.
Brenda: That's right, these people have done such a poor job advertising their marvellous place! Anyway, have fun there, get over your hangover and make sure you bring some Mavrodaphne back home. I love it!
by gridlockdeadlock August 20, 2006

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