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to be extremely high
throy was patched off his ass..
by espy May 15, 2005
To be left on your own. Normally occurs to someone whose 'friends' hate them. A Scottish word.
Way! You got nigeled
No! I got patched, okay?
by Iamnotafuckingaccident June 14, 2010
Scottish (mostly Dundonian) slang for being ditched or physically left by someone/people for others.
You just got patched.
by fxckinjess July 05, 2014
To be severely beaten by means of a patch-bay
Yo that MC was talkin shit to his producer and his producer patched him real quick-like for running his mouth...
To be raped by a girl known in many circles as "The Patch"
Harris "Dude! who did you take home last night?"

Billy "I got patched"
by Henry Ferrari October 04, 2008