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Drummer in the band The Maine. His brother is their manager. Pat started in the band and was touring before he was even out of high school. An incredibily nice and adorable person. Most famous for a youtube video...lets just say Pizza Hut loves cupcakes.
person at concert: PAT!!!

other person at concert: You're just a cupcake lover!

another person: Pat Kirch i think i love you
by imustbedreamingCSWS March 26, 2009
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1) The hottest man ever to live.
2) The cutest most, adorable little drummer.
3) In an awesome band.
4) Will marry a girl named, Sara, and have 30 children. OG PIMPIN'.
"That guy is so hott"
"Yeah, thats Pat Kirch"
"Omg, I want to marry him."
"Can't, sorry. He's destined to have thirty kids with Sara."
"Does he know it?"
by Patty<3 November 02, 2011
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