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A famous female singer/ song writer; during the time of 1979- 1995
Pat benatar has 104 songs and 9 albums! She the best!!
by Katrina July 17, 2003
The act of taking a straw, inserting it into your ass and having someone spitball a narcotic, most commonly cocaine, up into the cavity. Also known as a booty bump, this method of drug-ingestion allows the substance to be more quickly absorbed into the blood through the porous anal membranes. Rumor has it that Pat Benatar would have her roadies perform the "Pat Benatar" before her shows.
Where's the Roadie? I need him to Pat Benatar me before I bring down the house with "Love is a Battlefield."
by KatieKatieKatieKate April 23, 2008
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