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Pasty smashing is the art of banging some pussy. The term has originated from Newquay in Cornwall, England as this is the place where the pasty is a favourite dish and lots of pasty smashing is undertaken by tourists
Bloody hell Arthur... I Could hear you Pasty Smashing a mile away last night. You kept the whole camp-site awake! Fair play!
by newquay08 September 03, 2008
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A metaphorical term to describe a lesbian. Imagery of the famous cornish pasty is used to replicate the act of scissoring in which a females pasty-like vagina is 'smashed' against another's. Hence Pasty smashing.
Girl 1: "Fancy going out tonight?"
Girl 2: "Nah babes, I fancy staying in tonight and pasty smashing!"
by DirtyPea February 26, 2012

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