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The term 'Pasty Chucker' is used to describe anyone from Cornwall .

The 'Pasty' part of the phrase comes from the Cornish dish the 'Cornish Pasty' which Cornish people pride themselves on. Ironically hard evidence points towards their better neighbours ,Devon, for the first ever recipe although the Cornish refuse to accept this.

The 'Chucker' part of the phrase dervies from the Battle of Liskeard during the 1643 Civil War in the South West of England. It is believed when the Devonshire Army approached the Cornish army, sword in hand, the Cornish army decided to arm themselves with their beloved pastys and then proceeded to chuck the pastys at the Devon army before getting totally wiped out, hence the term 'Pasty Chucker'.
Example 1

Dan: I'm going to stop you there Tom, I can't take this anymore!

Tom: Pipe down Pasty Chucker...

Example 2

Eric: I want to go home, this place is too modern

Tom: Typical Pasty Chucker, always moaning.
by TommyP88 June 04, 2011
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