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A sudden rush of childhood or fond memories that strikes you almost instantaneously and puts in a nostalgic relaxant state for a random period of time.

Pastgasms can occur when watching media from your childhood or youth, playing a game or activity with someone you've known for a long time, or even when you think of one or more nostalgic moments that link together into a web of memories.

The word pastgasm originated from an internet conversation with a user named SkillZombie. He and the other user were watching videos of old shows on Youtube that they had believed they had forgotten about. When one particular show had been viewed by the pair, SkillZombie had said "Whoa, I think I just pastgasmed."

The amount of time an individual is affected by a pastgasm depends on how deeply rooted or cherished the memory is by the individual. If they have a pastgasm that was triggered by the memory of a good day they had, it may only last a few seconds. If they have a pastgasm that was triggered by a memory that was a staple in their childhood or past, it may last for at least a few minutes.
1. After seeing an entire DVD of "Thundercats", Josh pastgasmed for the next few seconds.

2. During a game of manhunt, Jasmine was caught because a pastgasm she had from remembering the game froze her in her place momentarily so she couldn't escape.
by SkillZombie September 10, 2009
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