{pɑːstɜː(ɹ)d}; Noun. (past + bastard)

1. A retroactive insult for a person who was a bastard in history.

2. An insult towards time-travellers who currently reside in the past.
"Wait, so that T-800 we sent to destroy humanity was turned to the human side, sent back in time and saved Jon Connor from our newest time-traveling robot assassin? What a pastard."
by EthZee March 08, 2010
Top Definition
1. A Pastor that is a Bastard. i.e. PASTARD.

2. Any pastor that tries too hard, is too young or goes door to door trying to convince you that there's an invisible man in the sky that talks to him.

3. All pastors, ministers, preachers, religious solicitors, clergy, people of the 'cloth' and deacons. (and anyone who got an online clergy card and uses it)
Bill: "That church dude really needs to cut his hair. He's a real pastard."

Jesus: "Yeah, it's freaking me out, dude."

Bill: "Woah! Where are your sandals?"

Jesus: "LOL, I think that pastard stole them!"
by NoSandal January 17, 2011
It is said of a certain kind of flatmate that, when it comes to cooking, always resorts to the same old, readymade and frustratingly uninspiring pasta dish.
Flatmate 1: Ohh, tonight Rob's making dinner! I'm sure he won't let us down. He really has a gift for cooking.

Flatmate 2: Are you joking?? He's a f*cking pastard!! He always prepares the same bolognese spaghetti using the cheapest pesto sauce in the supermarket!
by A Cracovian flatmate April 03, 2011
A scumbag who brings up negatives from your past to pull you down or belittle you.
Note: Ben has nothing against gays

Bill: (argument)

Ben: (counter-argument)

Bill: at least I didn't fuck a guy!

Ben: but, that was ages ago.

Bill: you still did it.

Ben: sure you hang out with gay guys.

Bill: I don't fuck them though.

Ben: you just can't accept my argument, pastard... >.<
by Alien0826 April 25, 2013
An overly preachy asshole
"I'm better than you!"
"Man that guy is a pastard"
by Half-Blood Prick April 25, 2015
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