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Term used to describe someone so douchey, that they can be a douche without even trying, or implying it in everyday means to where the recipients don't realize what the person said was douchey until it's too late.
When he said that, he was being very Passive-Adouchive.
by quixilver09 February 17, 2014
A state of extreme douchiness that occurs when brought on by a moronic question, where the answer is usually very obvious to everyone but the tard asking it. The douchy behavior requires the individual to act as if they're being polite and straightforward, yet they're making a total tard out of the moron asking the stupid question. The more passive the douchy behavior, the better.
Jo: I posted something for sale online, and the description stated what size it was. Then some dumb ass sent me a message to ask what size it was.

Luke: What a tard! Can I message them back and tell them that it's located right there conveniently in the item description??

Jo: No, don't piss them off with your passive adouchive behavior. I need to sell that shit! Momma needs money!
by Yay!!! February 17, 2014
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