An outdated programming language which uses Begin and End instead of { and } for determining the scope of code structures.
Here is a simple program in pascal:

Program PascalSucks
Writeln("Pascal Sucks");
#computers #programming #geek #language #sucks
by Gek Rue February 21, 2007
A useless programming language one is forced to lean in high school, instead of a highly useful and relevant language like C, C++, Java, etc.
Mr. Pedersons AP Pascal class in 10th grade was the turning point - I could have been a successful high paid software engineer, but after having my soul crushed by that archaic monstrosity that I knew I would never use in any professional context, I ended up as a janitor cleaning toilets. I drink myself to sleep every night, sad and lonely in my van down by the river thinking of what could have been if they had taught me C instead.
#suicidal #programming #language #loser #crap #why #high #school #van #down #by #the #river
by Frampton McChrist July 15, 2008
A gay person. A man who likes cock.
I love cock, I'm so Pascal
#gay #queer #homo #penis #lol
by Whiskykid February 26, 2015
The act of lying compulsively.
-Hey, Jim just told that his dad invented the Ringolos...
-Oh my God! He must have pulled the Pascal!
#liar #lying #paskal #not tell the truth #foscal #pfascal
by mdvrd April 07, 2006
A rather useless programming language, initialy created to teach new programmers how to do it properly, after the wave of sloppy programmers in the 60s. Improvements have meant that it has been used for real programming (mainly by apple). Good to get you into good habits, but still useless in the end.
person 1:i learnt programming in C++ in no time at all thanks to all the years i spent learning Pascal

Person 2:yeah...but if you just learnt C++ in the first place, you wouldnt have had to bother.

Person 1:&*%^$% you

Blaize Pascal:you think youve got it bad? they named the bloody thing after me when i was already dead!
#pascal #programming #language #pascal turbo #delphi
by thefireycaddilac September 26, 2005
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