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Somebody who likes to party a lot.
Jon: Damn, did you see Jen at the party last night?
Mike: Yeah, she was such a partycat!
by QuuenOfLOLZ February 06, 2011
This is a girl who is ready to party hard anytime, anywhere. She knows where the parties are at, how fun they'll be, and whether or not hot guys will be attending. She always has something cute to wear and has a big smile to match. She wants everyone to have fun, so she'll sneak a crowd into a closed party if she has to. If the party sucks, you can bet she'll have a good time anyway. Shots, shots, shots. Chug, chug, chug. She goes hard and gets totes belig.
Gene: "Hey, what are you guys doing tonight?"

Shelby: "Meh I don't know, ask the Party Cat!"
by slushpartygirl December 11, 2010