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A characteristic or variable by which a person or thing are perceived to contribute positively to a situation or occurrence, generally to the point that a party may spontaneously break out, or die, simply due to the very presence of the person or thing itself.

If something has a high Partyability Factor, generally it will make any situation better. If something has a low partyability factor, it will likely be detrimental.

Small pockets of high octane Canadians are known to judge most things and people by their partyability factor, ridding themselves of all low-partyability possessions. Some have been known to end relationships, even marriages, due to a low partyability factor.
High Partyability Factor: Double vodka Red-Bull.

Low Partyability Factor: When a woman kicks a guy in the nuts.

High Partyability Factor: Menage a trois.

Low Partyability Factor: Decaffeinated Coffee.
#rager #party #fun factor #fear factor #dud
by wAXtonPOTson February 26, 2010
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